Kommunalkredit Austria AG

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Event marketing




On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the bank was to invite customers, staff and public figures to a gala event at the company's headquarters. Company values such as responsibility to society and the environment were to be communicated. The settings and the programme of events was to be representative of the company's character.


The ARS Electronica multimedia artists provided the event's visuals and music was from the musician and composer Erwin Kiennast. Students from Vienna's Film Academy produced a jubilee film for the event.
The event combined a musical programme with visuals from ARS Electronica. A perfect stream of audio and video was required that delivered a continuous level of atmosphere. A largely decentralized event structure was also required. This meant staging the musical events at various locations with the delivery of visual interaction. This avoided the danger of a two-tier audience (i.e. those experiencing the event live in the auditorium and those just watching video feeds in neighbouring rooms). A musical theme (Suite 50) was developed that appeared throughout the entire event, always in new forms and variations. The programme area was divided into five segments, one for each decade.