pi-five DialogFeld stages Samsung at the "Youth Olympic Torch Relay"

The viennese Event-Agency pi-five DialogFeld won the international Pitch for the Samsung Electronics Youth Olympic Torch Relay.
After a 6 month lasting set-up time, the builded Showtruck went 3 weeks through over 60 venues in Austria to announce the first Youth Olympic Games and escort the Olympic flame to Innsbruck.

"Once again, we were able to take advantage of all the linked competences of DialogFeld Group which contain Media, Livemarketing and Eventarchitecture for representing Samsung in a most effective way." says Wolfgang Peterlik, CEO pi-five Dialogfeld GmbH

Samsung took part as presenting Partner for the 1st Youth Olympic Games. Pi-five DialogFeld designed an exklusive Showtruck which went through Austria with a Team of 28 trained promoters and 2.012 Torchbearers who passed the torch every 150 meters.
With a length of 16meters, a weight of 20tonnes, ecquipped with 25qm LED-walls, the showtruck covered a distance over 3.500 kilometers for promoting the 1st Youth Olympic Games with several aktivities until the Olympic flame was lighted the third time in Innsbruck after 1964 and 1976.

Samsung YOG pi-five